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Fast Growing Lawn Seed – Quick Germination!

Germinates & Establishes Fast
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  • The most popular of all our lawn seed mixtures
  • Can be used in almost any situations
  • Contains dwarf ryegrass, excellent for germination and for good wear tolerance
  • Chewings and Strong Creeping Red Fescues for a tight knitted turf

Contains: 45% Creeping Red Fescue, 50% Dwarf Ryegrass, 5% Chewings Fescue

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Fast Growing Grass Seed – Quick Germination

Our grass seed is purposefully mixed with a variety of grass species to gain quick establishment, fast growing and hard-wearing.

Dwarf Ryegrass makes for quick germination and establishment. Ryegrasses will also establish quicker in less desirable conditions.

Then we have added Chewings and Strong Creeping Red Fescues, for a tight knitted, hardy lawn.

In perfect conditions, fast growing grass seed will germinate in 6 – 8 days, establishing quickly and growing

What are ‘perfect’ conditions for fast growing grass seed? High humidity with temperatures of 20 – 25° Celcius. These can be typical conditions in the UK, with rain at night and sunshine during the day.

Also soil temperature needs to be right – from 10-12° Celcius minimally; any lower and germination will not happen or at least will be a lot slower. If you have a cold spring and you are looking to sow grass, cover the ground with plastic sheeting for a few weeks – this will heat up the soil.

Under ‘normal’ conditions, germination will take place within 10 – 21 days. What do we mean by ‘normal’ conditions – anything not ‘perfect’ and germination will depend on how close to ‘perfect’ the conditions are. If you are having a particularly dry period of no rain, be sure to water the lawn seed generously in the evening time.

Fast Growing Grass Seed & Quick Germination & Soil Fertility

Growth rate of your grass after it has established, depends on a number variables. Soil fertility is very important. While the grass seed can germinate and establish quickly, grass requires the right nutrients to continue establishment. For this reason we highly recommend you purchase along with your grass seed one of our fertilisers or preseeders.

Using a preseeder will improve on the germination and establishment time even more and will ensure your grass continues it’s healthy growth and establishment.

Our pre-seeder contains phosphorus and potash which are are very important for root development. Nitrogen is important for establishment.

Fast Growing Lawn Seed & Quick Germination – About the Grasses

Creeping Red Fescue grass seed is widely planted in the northern hemisphere and is tolerant to cooler temperatures. It is a fine bladed grass with strong green colour. It is widely used as a fast growing lawn seed as it germinates and establishes quickly from seed.

It is used a lot in combination with other grass seed, especially ryegrasses, to allow for quick establishment and hardy lawn. It tolerates shady and sunny conditions. Creeping Red Fescue is used extensively in all types of lawn and grassy areas including gardens, lawns, landscaping and parks.

Dwarf Ryegrass Dwarf ryegrass well known to have shorter grass blades but produces more than average grass shoots thus generating a nice thick sward (soft layer of grass) than standard ryegrasses.

Dwarf ryegrass is primarily used in lawn grass seed mixtures to add strength and hardiness.

Thick-establishing Dwarf Ryegrass – for a closely-knitted lawn

Chewings Fescue is a grass that is extremely easy to grow and tolerates dry and wet conditions. It is known to do well in nearly all types of soils. While it can be sown on it’s own, it is often mixed with other fine grass varieties.

Chewings Fescue’s shoot density is high and has very fine grass blades.

It is very resistant to cold climate and dry conditions.

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